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projectsGeneral Contractor services not only include design and construction, but having available our own equipment thereby negating the need for subcontractors.

Design Build

At Rockwood we have always been great listeners.  Often time’s clients will have ideas but limited knowledge in the preliminary phase of a construction project.  This is where Rockwood offers design ideas, engineering design and technical support to get your project ideas on to paper.  This is a key element in getting any project started.  Ongoing relationships with numerous consultants from years of business experience help Rockwood provide a comfortable, efficient Design/Build experience.


Obviously when in the construction business there has to be some machinery associated with building projects.  Rockwood’s equipment enables us to demolish, excavate and grade with bulldozing equipment.  When our equipment is not working on our own sites it can be made readily available for other sites.

Disposal Containers

We offer a full range of disposal containers for anything from small yard clean up to large demolition projects.  We have our own disposal container waste equipment to help you clean up.

Crane Services

Rockwood also offers a crane service for hoisting miscellaneous items.  Although it is used primarily for building erection it can be very handy for moving oversized heavy objects safely with very little effort.

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